Humboldt County Junior Golf Association

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can become a member? Are members required to participate in every event?

Any junior golfer up to 17 years of age can become a member. Members may participate in as few or as many events as they please.

How Good Do I Have to Be to Join?

HCJGA wants to help you regardless of your level of experience. Golf is a unique game that is mastered one level at a time. If you just picked up a golf club for the first time you will probably enjoy the clinics, and some three-hole events. If you’re feeling good about your swing and know your way around the course...sign up for a fun night. They really are fun. If you think you’re ready for a little competition: then it’s time to start signing up for the tournaments. If you’re not sure if you’re ready, ask your local pro or another HCJGA junior member. We’re here to help. Just take it one level at a time and enjoy the greatest game ever played! And if you’re already competing at the tournament level—you know how great it is.

Do I Have to Live In Humboldt County?

Any juniors up to 17 years old can join, regardless of residence. Juniors can belong to multiple associations so they can to play in more events.

Do I need to be a HCJGA member to participate in events? Is there a discounted fee for kids who can only participate in a few events, or sign up near the end of the season?

NEW FOR 2009– Non-Members can participate in events—just add the $10 non-member fee to your entry fee. But remember, membership fees are minimal, and participating in even two events makes it a bargain. The enrollment fee helps to cover a portion of the cost for meals, trophies and other event costs. You receive other benefits as a member; and you’re also supporting junior golf. If you’re already a member and have a friend who wants to come to an event, they can complete the membership application and pay the fee when they arrive! Golfing with friends is great.

Peewee Division Summary

  • 1. The Peewee Division is for juniors seven years and younger.
  • 2. Peewee golfers will play three holes of golf. Peewee golfers will tee off from 45-85 yards from the green on par 3’s, 85-135 yards on par 4’s, and 135-185 yards on par 5’s. An alternate distance will be to tee off approximately half the total distance from the 150 yard markers.
  • 3. Players six and under must have a caddy at all times.
  • 4. Emphasis will be placed on a positive golf experience, sportsmanship and conduct, rather than competition. Scores will neither be posted nor handed in.
  • 5. Trophies will not be awarded in this division – instead all participants will receive a prize or recognition of some type.
  • 6. Peewee golfers will play three holes of golf. It is of the utmost importance that speed of play is maintained to prevent delay on the course.
  • 7. Peewee golfers will not be counted as participants of any JGANC event.

Who do I call if I have more questions?

Contact your local golf professional, a HCJGA Board Member, or the HCJGA Director.

Events- Tournaments, Fun Nights & More

How are the tournaments set up and what should I expect?

In the Tournaments, juniors compete against golfers in their own age group. They play 18 holes (9 holes for juniors 11 & under) and post their gross scores. You get the opportunity to compete against other kids your own age, at every course in Humboldt County. Tournaments are the number one reason why juniors join a golf association, because they are challenging and rewarding. Your first few tournaments can be intimidating--just stick with it and remember everyone out there has experienced those same feelings. Tournament participants include juniors competing at local, county and state levels. The more you play, the better you get. To participate in tournaments, players should know the basic rules of golf, be able to keep count of how many strokes they have taken, and play without making any "whiffs." For our younger players we allow only a maximum of 10 strokes per hole. Included in most tournaments are trophy ceremonies, meals and prize drawings. Tournament follow USGA rules.

How Do I Sign Up For Tournaments?

Complete and mail the UNIVERSAL ENTRY FORM to the host course. You can make copies of the Universal Entry Form included in this package, or download it at Be sure and sign up before the deadline, late entries require a $10 fee and may be denied at the tournament director. Most events are limited to a maximum number of participants, so don’t wait until the last minute! Sign up as early as possible! Pairings and tee times are scheduled days before the event-so don’t be a late sign up. Entry forms require non-refundable fees along with the entry form. Make checks payable to HCJGA. The event calendar is included in this package and includes the date of each event, course, sign up deadline, and brief description. Please remember that event schedules are subject to change and it is your responsibility to confirm dates and tee-times with individual courses. If you cannot play in an event you’ve signed up for, be sure to always call the tournament director in advance to avoid being labeled a NO SHOW. When you play an event, thank the tournament director, committee and volunteers for their hard work.

Age Groups for Stroke Play Tournaments

Juniors compete against golfers in their own age groups, regardless of skill, during the stroke play tournaments.
The age groups are:
Boys 16-17
Boys 14-15
Boys 12-13
Boys 10-11
Boys  7 - 9
Boys 6 & under–Peewee Division

Girls 15-17
Girls 12-14
Girls  10 - 11
Girls  7 - 9
Girls 6 & under–Peewee Division

REVISED Age Groups for Stroke Play Tournaments

Juniors compete against golfers in their own age groups, regardless of skill, during the stroke play tournaments. Juniors with exceptional performance on rare occasions may receive permission to “step up” to the next age division in local HCJGA events. Juniors are never allowed to “step up” or play outside of their age division in JGANC sanctioned events. Age divisions have been revised for 2009 to correspond to JGANC age divisions.

Are all Tournaments Stroke Play?

There are several stroke play tournament throughout the season. The 2009 Season also includes a variety of formats, including stroke play, scramble, blind draw, Chapman, adult-junior, best ball blind draw, two person best ball and pro-junior. Some formats adhere to the stroke-play age divisions, and some mix age groups.

What is a Fun Night?

Fun Nights are 9-hole scramble events for golfers of all levels. Fun nights are a great introduction to tournament golf, as well as an opportunity to meet other junior golfers. If you are new to competitive golf this is where you want to start. If you are an experienced golfer this is a great way to get more experience, give back to the game, and have fun! Parents are encouraged to gallery and support their budding golf pros, as well as to get acquainted with one another. Sportsmanship and etiquette are always at the forefront, so please remember to be equally supportive of all participants. Teams are made up of juniors of different ages and skill levels during Fun Nights, organized by the tournament director. One of the important traditions of golf is giving back to the game, and all experienced players are encouraged to participate. Following course play there is an awards ceremony, meal and prize raffle

What if I don’t have a Handicap, Index, or GHN#.

If you do not have an index, a GHN# or a handicap, simply write in your best three scores on the entry form.

What is the Big I Qualifier?

The HCJGA Fortuna City Junior Championship is also the local qualifier for the California State Big I Tournament. Juniors pay an additional entry fee when signing up for the Fortuna Junior to enroll as a competitor the Big I Qualifier. Based on the number of entries, a percentage of participants move on to play in the Big I. That number depends on the size of the field (the number of participants). If more juniors sign up for the Big I Qualifier, more juniors can potentially move up to play in the Big I Tournament. The selection of qualifiers is based on overall tournament scores. Age divisions are not taken into consideration.

Don’t Be a “No Show!”

A “no show” is a junior who signs up for an event and doesn’t show up. This is such a serious breach of etiquette that the Junior Golf Association of Northern California posts a no show list, and prohibits these juniors from playing in events. The HCJGA policy is that if you are a “no show” you are prohibited from playing in the next HCJGA event. Why is this a big deal? Pairing and tee-times are scheduled days before an event; last minute changes cause unnecessary work and can lower the quality of an event. Again, always call the tournament director in advance if you cannot play an event you have signed up for.

When Should I Show Up? What Should I expect?

A good rule of thumb is to try to arrive at the course an hour early. Allow yourself time to warm up and practice on the putting green. Golfers must check in for events a minimum of 15 minutes before their tee-time.

Awards & Prizes

Don Becker Sportsmanship Award

Each year this award is presented to an outstanding youth in the HCJGA. The HCJGA Board of Directors and the area PGA Golf Professionals choose the junior golfer to receive this honor. The award is designed as a demonstration of appreciation of good sportsmanship, participation, friendliness and helpfulness to younger golfers. Exceptional play is not a qualification. The Chris Johnson winner is also eligible for this award.

Chris Johnson Award

The Chris Johnson Awards are given in honor of this Arcata native LPGA player. These awards are presented at HCJGA's Year End Tournament held in November. The top male and female players from each age group will become eligible for a $100 gift certificate to be used at a local golf course. This award is based on the four lowest scores of six tournaments sponsored by the association, which determine the standings within each age group. The tournaments (subject to change) are the Fortuna, Willow Creek, Beau Pre, Eureka, and Benbow Championships. The Pepsi Jr. Tournament is played at Beau Pre and Baywood Golf Courses. For the purpose of these standings, the Baywood score will be the only one used. The Beau Pre score to be used will be the Beau Pre Junior score only. The player with the lowest four round total within his or her age group will be the winner of the award, providing the following requirements are met. Players must show adequate sportsmanship and etiquette, and maintain a minimum grade point average of 2.0 during the season.

Annual Grand Prize Drawing

The HCJGA will offer four different grand prizes in 2009. They will include a new driver, a personalized Ping bag, personalized golf balls and a $100 gift certificate for golf shoes. Each member will receive one ticket for membership, plus one ticket for each event that they participate in. The drawing will be held at the “End of Year Tournament” at Beau Pre in November. Winners must be HCJGA members. Winners does not need to be present to win.

Tee Prizes and Prize Drawings

Many of the HCJGA events include tee prizes and prize drawings. If there is a limited number of tee prizes, preference will be given to juniors who sign up prior to the entry deadline.

Earn Funds for your School Team

The Humboldt County Junior Golf Association will donate $15 to your middle school or high school golf team! Let your coach know that you are a HCJGA member. Coaches need to complete a request form and can receive up to $200 for your team!

More Opportunities for HCJGA Members

Local Golf Courses & Golf Pros

Contact your local Humboldt County golf courses for junior instruction! During the summer, Beau Pre Golf Course offers an extended junior program; Eureka Golf Course offers junior clinics coordinated through the Eureka Recreation Department; Baywood Golf & Country Club offers junior clinics; and Redwood Empire Golf & Country Club offers junior clinics to members. Most courses offer private lessons year round, as well as discounted junior rates. Check these out and remember to express your appreciation. Discounts and participation are a privilege, not a right. The HCJGA will make every effort to inform you of these opportunities by email.

Note for HCJGA Parents

Parents, please let us know if you would like to help! There are a number of things that you can do to help before, during and after the events, as well as fundraising. We need your help and your skills. We can always use nice donations for the prize drawings, and we ALWAYS need qualified scorekeepers to walk with our younger juniors. If you participate as a scorekeeper or marshal you can receive a free rules booklet. Of course your greatest contribution is supporting your junior golfer. Please be sure to read and follow the Code of Conduct for Members and Code of Conduct for Parents & Spectators.