Humboldt County Junior Golf Association

HCJGA Code of Conduct for Parent & Spectators

We appreciate the commitment and support that parents provide.  By the time your junior has begun competition you have likely invested a great deal of time and finances.   The HCJGA offers opportunities for your junior golfer to learn important life skills, as well as golf skills.   When signing up for an event, juniors should understand the general rules of golf and basic golf courtesy, be able to compete and make their own decisions.  Parents are welcome to gallery, but need to be aware they are spectators only.  Unfortunately many issues associated with junior golf are parent-related.  Play should be fair for all juniors.  Parents giving advice or influencing play in any way can give that player an unfair advantage, as would allowing a junior to ride in a cart, or having items carried for them.  Please honor our juniors by stepping back and letting them learn from the opportunities offered by the HCJGA.  The HCJGA Code of Conduct is adopted largely from the JGNCA, which is regarded as one of the premier junior golf associations in the country. 


Expected Parent/Guardian Conduct

*Do not check in for his/her child, juniors check in upon arrival.

*Junior players must carry his/her own golf bag or pull his/her own cart. 

*The decisions in completive play must be the junior’s, not the parents.

*The role of a parent/guardian is that of spectator only.

*Acknowledgements of good shots for all players, not just your child’s.

*Accept that your child and the scorekeeper, marshal or players in the group will solve problems, make the rulings and verify scores without parent/guardian/spectator involvement.

*Courtesy dictates not distracting play by loud talking with other spectators, or by using cellular phones, radios, cameras or beepers.

*Sectators stay 25 yards from the competitors using cart paths.  If there are no cart paths, spectators stay to the side of the fairway.

*Do not talk to competitors during the competition.

*If you keep score it is for personal use only and has no bearing on the round.  The spectator does not share his/her personal score card with competitors or the Scorekeeper.

*Spectators do not dispute rulings made by the participants, marshals, scorers or tournament committee.  

Violation of the Parent/Guardian Code of Conduct on the Golf Course

*Unsportsmanlike conduct toward other junior players and spectators.

*Obscene, abusive or vulgar language.

*Disrespect to tournament officials, volunteers and other players.

*Walking closer than 25 yards to competitors, being in the fairway and not to the side.

*Talking to competitors during play.

*Interfering with discussions on rulings and scores.

*Scorekeeping as an official for your child's group.

*Distracting play by loud talking with other spectators & use of camera, cellular phone, radio or beeper.

Code of Conduct Violation Penalties

1. Stroke(s) penalty to junior at tournament.

2. Disqualification of junior from tournament.

3. Suspension of Player's HCJGA membership as determined by the HCJGA Board of Directors.

*Parent/guardian is warned by one of the tournament committee and/or director.

*Parent/guardian is asked not to follow their child during round.

*Parent/guardian is asked to leave the tournament site.

*Parent/guardian in violation of Code of Conduct