Humboldt County Junior Golf Association

Beginnings & Mission Statement

Introducing the game of golf to non-golfers and to further the development of those who already play.  Golfers learn values of honesty, integrity, respect and confidence and life skills including perseverance, responsibility, leadership and sportsmanship.  The HCJGA was established in 1980 when Baywood member Bill Smullen made a generous donation to establish the HCJGA.  One of HCJGA’s initial goals  was to provide local tournaments so junior golfers could compete without having to travel a great distance.  The current board of directors includes local golf professionals, parents and dedicated community members.


Membership is good for one calendar year—starting in January and ending in December. Membership fees are $25 per year. Thanks to a grant from Humboldt Sponsors, the HCJGA is able to offer partial and full scholarships for low income youth and for families which include multiple golfers.

Benefits of Membership

  • Members are eligible to play in HCJGA tournaments.
  • Members are eligible to play in Fun Nights.
  • Members will receive a Membership Package plus a FREE HCJGA bag tag.
  • Members compete for the CHRIS JOHNSON AWARD in their age division, and the annual DON BECKER SPORTSMANSHIP AWARD.
  • Based on performance, members may be invited to play in tournaments outside of the area, including the TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS at Pebble Beach, and the BIG I QUALIFIER.
  • Members and their families have the satisfaction of knowing that they are supporting junior golf in Humboldt County and contributing to the golf and life skills of junior golfers!


 The Chris Johnson Awards are given in honor of the Arcata High School/Baywood native who went on to become a prominent LPGA player. These awards are presented at HCJGA's Year End Awards ceremony. The top male and female players from each age group will become eligible for a $150 gift certificate to be used at a local golf course. This award is based on the five lowest scores of seven tournaments sponsored by the association, which determine the standings within each age group. The tournaments (subject to change) are the Fortuna (North Coast Subway), Willow Creek, Beau Pre (Pepsi Jr), Eureka (Betty Davis Memorial, two day score), Crescent City Championship and Benbow Championship. The player with the lowest five round total within his or her age group will be the winner of the award, providing the following requirements are met. Players must show adequate sportsmanship and etiquette, and maintain a minimum grade point average of 2.0 during the season.


The Edward Jones Cup {EJC} is a point format that emphasizes participation. The EJC has also been set-up to allow any HCJGA member to be the recipient of the award. A $500 merchandise award from the participating Pro shop of your choice! This does not replace the Chris Johnson Award which still is intact but has been upgraded to $150 from $100. Here is the Format:

A one day tournament will be given 30 points for participation. Overall champions will be given an additional 10 points with first and second place in each age division receiving 5 and 3 points apiece.

A two day tournament will be given 50 points for participation. Overall champions will be given an additional 10 points and first and second place in each age division receiving 5 and 3 points apiece.

Fun Night participants will receive 50 points. Two skills contests will be available for all and the winners of these contests will receive an additional 10 points.

Adult/Jr Sramble participants will receive 50 points if members at time of event. Their will be 5 points given to the top four teams with the best scores. Their will be multiple, up to four skills contests at this event with 10 points available for each one



The Humboldt County Junior Golf Association is made possible by your membership fees, donations, the generous donation of time and resources by our golf courses, and by the dedication of local golf professionals, volunteers, parents and community members.  The HCJGA has received grants from the Northern California Golf Association Foundation, and Humboldt Sponsors.